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No, Lucia (Music Video) out now!

As a child and as a kid growing up I was told that I wasn't able to do certain things because I was too little or because I didn't have the right push behind me. That stuck throughout me majority of my life and it somewhat caused me to feel insecure and feel like I was less than other people around me. It wasn't until I found my love for making music and my world completely changed. I told myself that "I would become someone one day, and it would be because of my love for music." I'm an independent artist and I will continue following the beat of my own drum. I feel that I can be the one to make a shift in the rising of more independent artist in the world today. With the help of my fans, I know that anything is possible and that I can achieve great heights.

Makanda Records is a record label created by Samuel Makanda where he will be able to create music for his fans and for the world to enjoy. Makanda Records is also where he will invest his business revenues and other self-made/independent contributions.


Released by Samuel Makanda for Makanda Records.

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